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In 1999, Walk4Life began with its mission to inspire America to move. We founded our company on the firm belief that “Movement Works!”. Walk4Life, Inc is a leader in the pedometer industry and has many validated independent studies attesting to our pedometer accuracy.

In 2002, we introduced our innovative Duo (currently known as our NEO II) “time in activity” pedometer, which accurately measures time spent in continuous activity, in addition to walking. Shortly thereafter, we introduced a third function of mileage which converts steps to miles based on individual stride settings, we then took it a step further and added a caloric burn function which estimates calories burned based on the individual’s weight settings. Today, we are proud to introduce our latest function “bouts of moderate/vigorous physical activity”. This function can only be found on our MVP pedometer. This pedometer contains the most advanced pedometer technology available on the market today. It will record and differentiate between normal and moderate/vigorous physical activity based on individual settings of “steps per minute”. The CDC and Surgeon General are currently recommending a minimum of 30 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity and this model will allow individuals to assess that goal.Walk4Life is dedicated to updating its technology with state of the art products and services and are committed to staying involved with America’s educational system as well as local communities. We lead America in creating long-term, active lifestyles.

From the beginning, we have helped hundreds of schools receive the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grants to add much needed funds into America’s physical education system. Our fight for America’s youth continued with our introduction in 2003 of a Title 1 Grant Program, which allows qualified schools to buy our pedometers as “buy one, get one free”. We have found that this program enables schools with less resources the ability to promote healthy lifestyles.

In 2004, we launched our innovative web-based curriculum, WalkSmartVirginia, created in partnership with the Department of Education of Virginia . We continue our cutting edge development with our website WalkSmart ActiveSchools and WalkSmart! America, two sites of virtual walks on which teachers, students and the public can make learning and physical activity fun.Walk4Life proudly sponsors the American Heart Association, the American Diabetic Association, and the American Alliance for Health and Physical Education, among many other organizations dedicated to getting America moving.

Have fun, and remember to WalkSmart! ® Movement Does Work!


Andrew Carver
Owner / CEO

Having been in the health industry for well over 20 years I fully embrace the importance of pedometers. So much so, in fact, that I started Walk4Life.com and have enjoyed watching it grow and benefit thousands!

Ann Mayon
Sales Manager

I enjoy helping schools and organizations meet their pedometer needs, and make the most out of their health programs.

Mark Klecka

I'm happy that I was able to find a position that melded both my interests; professionally working with web promotion and personally with a company that believes in healthy lifestyle as much as Walk4Life.com does.

Waldo Abreu
Customer Support

I like turtles.